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Chris Gafner, and his staff, are in a word — PROFESSIONAL. In more than one word, they are affordable, extremely knowledgable, dependable, and available at your convenience. He answers every email, phone call, and inquiry expeditiously, and everything he does is accomplished both efficiently and thoroughly. We were COMPLETELY satisfied, and we would DEFINITELY recommend Mr. Gafner and his firm for anyone seeking help with immigration issues.

U.S. Citizen Stationed Overseas and Italian Spouse

Chris Gafner helped me with my K1 visa application.   He made filing so easy, I only visited his office once… He kept me informed through the whole process.  Things went smoothly with the USCIS and the [Guangzhou, China] embassy. Chris is the man you should hire for any time sensitive case.

New York Fiance Visa Petitioner and Fiancee Visa Beneficiary in Guangzhou, China

I hired Mr. Gafner after seeing the excellent reviews on this site and was very pleased with his services. He helped us through each step of the immigration process for my fiance. He was very knowledgeable about the process and explained every step to us in detail which included a timeline. This helped us to know how long the process took and what was expected of us at each point.
Mr. Gafner sent us helpful reminders and gave us useful information on what to expect for the interview at USCIS. He was also very quick to respond to the many questions we had. Overall, working with Mr. Gafner was an excellent experience and I would definitely recommend him to other people.

Adjustment of Status and Marriage Visa Applicant Couple

We would highly recommend Chris Gafner to anyone who’s in need of legal help with immigration issues. My husband and I met with Chris in September, 2013 and with his guidance and experience in immigration law we were able to adjust an immigration status within six-months. While we could have gone through the process on our own, Chris’ help and knowledge of the immigration system helped us navigate the process more smoothly. Hiring Chris was one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

– Bi-Coastal Married Couple Seeking Adjustment of Status

Chris Gafner is an amazing attorney and handled our K1 visa case as competently and professionally as possible. He takes his time with you, quickly responds to emails or calls, and truly knows what he was doing. His fees are actually very reasonable compared to the 5 or so other attorneys I contacted, which surprised me because Chris’s record far outshines theirs in terms of his having expert knowledge in the area of immigration. Highly recommended. You won’t be disappointed!

– U.S. Citizen and Mexican Fiance

Hello my name Robert. I’ve traveled the world to find my one and only true love. The only obstacle is that I’m an American and she is not.  Gafner law solved that obstacle. With his understanding, ethics, and professionalism in mastering immigration law. My wife and I, both give great thanks to Chris Gafner, along with his colleagues for all they have done in making a dream come true.

Marriage Visa Couple from Finland and United States

One of the Best attorneys in Manhattan!!! I was very pleased with Mr. Gafner’s work on my case. He was always very professional, ready to answer any questions or concerns that I had and I highly recommend him. Thank you again Mr.Gafner !

Marriage Visa Couple from New Jersey

Chris Gafner was extremely knowledgeable and responsive throughout my spouse’s K-1 fiancee visa application process. With his help, our application was approved in record time. While it might be possible to undertake such an application by your own efforts, there are many pitfalls and we found the peace of mind gained from retaining Chris during what could otherwise have been a much more stressful experience to be well worth it.

U.S. Citizen Lawyer and Korean Fiancee

I hired Mr. Chris Gafner for my fiancee’s K1 visa. With the knowledge of Mr. Gafner, our entire K1 process went smoothly in USCIS, NVC and Embassy of Kathmandu… [Mr. Gafner] was so quick to response my every inquiry and question. He was so trustworthy that I have total faith in him and I knew from the very beginning of the process that I am in the right hand. I am very thankful to Mr. Gafner for all his hard work. I would rate him as one of the top Lawyers in NYC and in the United States. I wish for his further success.

K-1 Visa Petitioner and a Nepali K-1 Visa Beneficiary

My wife and I hired Chris Gafner after DOMA was defeated in June of 2013. We were unsure as to how to proceed with acquiring permanent residency for my wife, as the federal government had just started recognizing same sex marriages. After speaking with Chris , we felt confident that he had the experience and knowledge to guide us through the process. He helped with every detail in all the documents that were required. He was always available to answer any question we had,and even took the time to calm our nerves when we were headed to our interview! My wife received her green card in less than 7 months.We highly recommend Chris as your immigration lawyer! We could not have done this without him!

– Massachusetts Same Sex Married Couple

Mr. Gafner is a world class attorney! His efforts went above and beyond! Thanks to him, I am achieving goals that I never thought possible. His prices were reasonable and he was always available to answer my questions and soothe my worries/concerns. I now consider Mr. Gafner an amazing ally and a good friend. I can’t wait to continue this journey with him!

Albany, New York Immigration Client

 Mr.Gafner was the best attorney we found to help with our complicated immigration situation. He was readily available to answer all of our questions and made sure we understood what would happen every step of the way.

New York Professional and South African Husband

I came to Montana from Bulgaria two years ago and met my future husband who is a US citizen.After we married , we hired someone from Chicago to start the permanent residency process for us. After months on end of no return phone calls and a lot of money ,we decided to hire someone else. Chris Gafner of Gafner Law Firm was recommended to us. He returned our calls and emails promptly and everything ran so smoothly. I received my permanent residency card in such good time. He is truly a professional and things have gone better. We highly recommend him. You will never wonder where you are in the process and his rate is very reasonable.

Bulgarian and U.S. Citizen Married in Montana

I am a physician who recently obtained my green card through marriage. Throughout the entire process of applying for to be a permanent resident, Chris Gafner was exceptional. He took my wife and I in great detail through the process. Chris is professional, thorough, and responsive. I have since recommended Chris to several other friends who are about to start the application process as well. Things couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

New York Physician Couple

Chris Gafner, a Competent and Committed Immigration and Naturalization Attorney

I am a College Dean and a full Professor at a major University in the Southern US. Several months ago, I married a Tanzanian belle in her country and began the long process of bringing her to the States. To be absolutely reassured in the process, I came across the name of the Chris Gafner Law Firm, located in New York. Despite the distance, I developed instant trust in Attorney Gafner, as soon as I began a conversation of my case with him. He explained to me in the clearest terms what the process would be like and how long it would take. He encouraged me to be optimistic about the prospects and reassured me that everything would be fine as along as I listened to him and we worked together. I thus followed all his advice meticulously.

 He requested from me all necessary information the government was asking for. I complied. He read and proofread every piece of information I sent him and his Firm. Attorney Gafner would then make his own adjustments, asking me to verify the accuracy of my own statements and of his own suggestions, which were designed to improve the application and bring my wife here. As a result, the process progressed flawlessly, and my wife is with me now. In fact, she was awarded the Green Card or Permanent Residency as soon as she arrived in the United States. Even after she entered the US, Attorney Gafner continued to contact me, letting me know that he was available for any advice I needed.

 I was fortunate to have Attorney Chris Gafner (and his Firm) as our immigration lawyer. I would therefore have no hesitation to refer anyone to him, completely confident that he would be as effective and efficient as he was in our case. Thank you, Attorney Gafner, for your competence, your unwavering commitment to your clients, and your availability whenever we needed to communicate with you whether by letter or fax or email and phone. Continue your excellent work for all those families that desperately need to be reunited with their loved ones. Thank you, again, Attorney Chris Gafner!!

 – U.S. Citizen College Dean and Tanzanian Spouse Seeking Marriage Visa

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